Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by iSupport Websites typically consists of a wide range of activities which come together to help your site to rank better.

Search Engine Optimisation by iSupport Websites involves some or all of the following elements, depending on each campaign?s unique requirements:

SEO Research

First, you’ll then get a one-on-one consultation with your search engine optimsiation consultant so we can learn as much as possible about your target market and the keywords you’re more interested in. We then do a full keyword and competitor analysis of your business, finding out what you’re up against, where search engine optimisation can help you to compete more in the short term and which keyword battles to take on over time.
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SEO Strategy

Following our research, we’ll produce a full search engine optimisation strategy for your business aimed at improving your conversions, increasing traffic and ensuring that traffic is targeted with highly relevant keywords.  When it’s time to put the tailored strategy into action we can implement them ourselves, or provide consultation services to help you development team get the most from our suggestions if you would prefer.
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Link Building & Copywriting

Once we’ve completed our initial search engine optimisation procedure, Google and the other search engines should fully understand your site’s relevancy for your target keywords. But to rank highly for those keywords, the search engines must trust your site, which is where our SEO link building and content development services come into play. We show the search engines that your site is worth ranking highly by regularly adding fresh content and encouraging links from other related sites.
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Google Business Solutions

Google have introduced a range of business solutions over the years to help business owners generate new customers through search. iSupport Websites can help you to make the most of Google products such as Local Search and Product Search.
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SEO Training

You may prefer to hand over all responsibility for the ongoing online marketing of your website to us, but for those that prefer to keep their hand in, we offer comprehensive training, to help your understanding and contribution towards our work.
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Return On Investment

We don’t keep any secrets here at iSupport Websites, we?ll happily discuss our methodologies with you at any point during your search engine optimisation campaign. Ultimately we aim to significantly increase your sales, giving you a tangible return on your investment. Your ROI can tracked using Google Analytics, our preferred web analytics program, which we’ll install and summarise for you on a monthly basis.
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