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Once we’ve optimised the existing content on your site, iSupport’s ongoing SEO service will continue to promote your site by link-building using a variety of bespoke methods, such as:

Article Submission

We write high-quality, unique articles related to your sector and submit them to a range of article directories, ensuring an optimised text link to your site is included.  These articles and link are then often published across a range of related websites, often with your text link intact.

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Directory Submission

iSupport will submit your site to a range of popular online directories, focusing initially on UK-based directories before moving on to international directories. These submissions then need to be approved by the directory owner. Some directories are free, while others require payment, but any charges usually mean a higher-value link.  We have access to several hundred quality directories, so we’ll be limited only by the time and budget available to us.

Content Development & Link Outreach

As part of our link-building campaign, we will also regularly monitor your competition’s link profiles to see who is linking to them and why.  Where appropriate, we may try to recreate any particularly “linkable” content we find, and ensure this content is presented to blog and site owners most likely to take an interest in and link to this content.  This can be a time consuming process but it develops the best and most natural links. It can also generate direct visitors if your content is awarded a link on a popular site.

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