Our Top Tips to Creating The Perfect Responsive Website

Your website has to work

A web site is usually more than just a business card. But even if that’s all it is, it still has to convert a page view into an enquiry.

This is why it’s vital that form and function work in harmony: it needs to be useful, not just pretty.

The design should never be an obstacle in the path of a site’s visitors, who have something they want to do – they’re not there to gaze admiringly. Keyword research plays a huge part in this.

We build sites that are not only good-looking, but actually work properly: they respect the visitors’ instinctive user-interface expectation, which makes them easy to use – all with the aim of producing sales, sign-ups or enquiries.

How will people find your site?

Web sites do not magically appear on the first page of Google. The art of getting a site ranked highly in the search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and we know how to do it the right way.

There is no area of design or implementation that doesn’t have an effect on SEO, so it is integral to every step in our web development process.

How will you get people to stay on your site, and come back?

We design and structure sites to ensure that there is every incentive for visitors to hang around. This means an attractive design, good functionality, easy navigation, and great content. View more information.

The web has changed and websites are not what they used to be. Much of the content on the web is not browsed directly on the web sites it comes from, but in feed readers and other applications.

How do you know if your site will work on all the available platforms and devices?

You can’t control how people will view your site, so it is best to test for compatibility across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices throughout the build process.

As it’s impossible to mimic every user’s experience, maximum compatibility and accessibility is essential by using well-structured semantic HTML, tested for W3C standards-compliance and following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The end result is that sites cope well when viewed and used in a variety of ways:

  • Platforms, e.g. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac
  • Operating system versions, e.g. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera
  • Internet browser versions, e.g. Internet Explorer 8, 7, and 6
  • Devices, e.g. Desktop PC, laptop, netbook, iPhone, Smartphone, iPad
  • Monitor sizes and screen resolutions

To varying degrees, all of these make a difference to how your site will work for your visitors.

However, as people now rely on their smartphones more than desktops and laptops, repair shops have seen an increase in sales.

This is mainly due to the fact that an accidental drop on the floor can cause a smartphone screen to be smashed.

We have conducted studies to find out the best ways of protecting your device and preventing damage.

See below to discover what we found and how to protect your smartphone whilst on a budget.

  1. Buy yourself a phone cover, designs include hard, customised and plain
  2. Place a screen protector on the front
  3. When in your pocket, keep it away from coins and keys
  4. Think about phone insurance

How will you keep the site fresh and up-to-date?

One of the biggest turn-offs is a site that has been left to stagnate. If there’s even a hint that information, contact details, product descriptions or links are out-of-date, this can seriously damage your reputation and compromise any trust you might have built up. Click here for information about creating a blog.

Content management is key to making a long-term success of a web site, allowing you to keep on top of things without having to pay your web designer every time you need a change.

Keyword competitor research

SEO > Keyword & Competitor Research

During the Keyword & Competitor Research stage of your SEO campaign, iSupport Websites will thoroughly research your website to see how it currently stands.  You will receive a one-on-one consultation with a member of our team so we can learn as much about your target markets as possible.

We then conduct a full keyword and competitor analysis of your website and business, finding out where you can improve your rankings and where you can compete more.

To give a good return on investment it’s crucial that we understand how your business operates and how your competitors work; only then can we move forward with developing an appropriate strategy.

During this process we may find that you are not ranking well for phrases relevant to your business.  Our job is to get your business visible in those keywords as soon as possible.  When deciding on the most appropriate terms and the targets we’ll put in place we consider relevancy, current positions, competition and keyword search volume.

At iSupport Websites we aim for keywords that provide high numbers of targeted traffic and ultimately result in good conversion rates.  We’re also adept in the long tail approach to search marketing because generally speaking, people searching for specific terms are more likely to convert into sales.  With a focus on both generic and specific key terms and with a balance that ensures maximum impact, we deliver our clients a fantastic return on investment.

Contact us for more information on keyword & competitor research by iSupport Websites.

SEO link building made easy with iSupport Websites

SEO > Link Building

Once we’ve optimised the existing content on your site, iSupport’s ongoing SEO service will continue to promote your site by link-building using a variety of bespoke methods, such as:

Article Submission

We write high quality, unique articles related to your sector and submit them to a range of article directories, ensuring an optimised text link to your site is included.  These articles and link are then often published across a range of related websites, often with your text link intact.

For an experienced link building expert in London, visit Vanilla Circus.

Directory Submission

iSupport will submit your site to a range of popular online directories, focussing initially on UK-based directories before moving on to international directories. These submissions then need to be approved by the directory owner. Some directories are free while other require payment, but any charges will usually mean a higher value link.  We have access to several hundred quality directories, so we’ll be limited only by the time and budget available to us.

Content Development & Link Outreach

As part of our link building campaign we will also regularly monitor your competition’s link profiles to see who is linking to them and why.  Where appropriate, we may try to recreate any particularly “linkable” content we find, and ensure this content is presented to blog and site owners most likely to take an interest in and link to this content.  This can be a time consuming process but it develops the best and most natural links. It can also generate direct visitors if your content is awarded a link on a popular site.

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Creating the perfect blog


Social Media > Blog Design

Running a well designed blog adds great value to your site by giving your business a tried and tested platform through which you can quickly and simply communicate ideas, aspirations and news.

Google loves fresh content and by having a blog installed on your website it’s easy for you to add new content to your site.  If you regularly update your blog with content relevant to your business it will work wonders for your SEO as it gives visitors and Google a good reason to keep coming back.  Writing rich and compelling copy naturally attracts people to your site and naturally attracts links.  In addition, a good use of blog design will help you to stand out from the rest.  We guide our clients through the process of adding content to their blog so that updating becomes easy.  The key is to share and produce great content, something we also offer as a service.

Contact us for more information on blog design by iSupport Websites.


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by iSupport Websites typically consists of a wide range of activities which come together to help your site to rank better.

Search Engine Optimisation by iSupport Websites involves some or all of the following elements, depending on each campaign?s unique requirements:

SEO Research

First, you’ll then get a one-on-one consultation with your search engine optimsiation consultant so we can learn as much as possible about your target market and the keywords you’re more interested in. We then do a full keyword and competitor analysis of your business, finding out what you’re up against, where search engine optimisation can help you to compete more in the short term and which keyword battles to take on over time.
Find out more: Keyword & Competitor ResearchSite Audit

SEO Strategy

Following our research, we’ll produce a full search engine optimisation strategy for your business aimed at improving your conversions, increasing traffic and ensuring that traffic is targeted with highly relevant keywords.  When it’s time to put the tailored strategy into action we can implement them ourselves, or provide consultation services to help you development team get the most from our suggestions if you would prefer.
Find out more: SEO ConsultationSEO Implementation

Link Building & Copywriting

Once we’ve completed our initial search engine optimisation procedure, Google and the other search engines should fully understand your site’s relevancy for your target keywords. But to rank highly for those keywords, the search engines must trust your site, which is where our SEO link building and content development services come into play. We show the search engines that your site is worth ranking highly by regularly adding fresh content and encouraging links from other related sites.
Find out more: Linking BuildingCopywriting

Google Business Solutions

Google have introduced a range of business solutions over the years to help business owners generate new customers through search. iSupport Websites can help you to make the most of Google products such as Local Search and Product Search.
Find out more: Google Local Search OptimisationGoogle Product Search Optimisation

SEO Training

You may prefer to hand over all responsibility for the ongoing online marketing of your website to us, but for those that prefer to keep their hand in, we offer comprehensive training, to help your understanding and contribution towards our work.
Find out more: SEO Training

Return On Investment

We don’t keep any secrets here at iSupport Websites, we?ll happily discuss our methodologies with you at any point during your search engine optimisation campaign. Ultimately we aim to significantly increase your sales, giving you a tangible return on your investment. Your ROI can tracked using Google Analytics, our preferred web analytics program, which we’ll install and summarise for you on a monthly basis.
Find out more: SEO Analytics

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Understanding your social media analytics


Social Media > Analytics

Without social media analytics installed on your website, you?re missing out on data that will show the success of your Social Media Marketing strategy.

At iSupport Websites we understand the importance of seeing results.  When working on your social media campaigns we will deliver weekly or monthly KPI reports giving you results on how your Social Media Marketing strategy is performing.

iSupport Websites use a number of applications including Google Analytics to measure the success of your Social Media reach, these will tell you how many people are visiting your website from your chosen Social Media platforms, what percentage converted into sales or enquiries and how many people your content is reaching and what their feedback is like.

With these results we can further tailor your Social Media Marketing strategy and discover new opportunities for you to profit from your online presence.

Contact us for more information on social media analytics by iSupport Websites.


Online PR and social media marketing

Social Media > Online PR


People are consuming media at a faster pace then ever before and are increasingly getting their news fix from online articles rather than newspapers and more traditional outlets. iSupport Websites are here to help you generate publicity through online PR with a focus on social networking and online community.

It?s hard to know where best to send your press releases as it can be difficult to determine where they are going to have the most impact, especially when you are targeting a niche group of people.  At iSupport Websites we will take a closer look at what information your company is placing online and we will advise you on the places it is going to have the most impact whilst been seen by your chosen demographic.

iSupport Websites will monitor what is being said about your brand and your industry online and will be on-hand to guide you on the best course of action to respond to the information we receive.  Reputation management is key when looking at online PR if the comments about your brand are negative we can give a very quick response to avoid it getting out of control.  We understand the importance of word-of-mouth conversation and we will be happy to work out the best strategy to get people talking positively about your company.

Contact us for more information on online PR by iSupport Websites.

In-house social media – get your team trained


Training > Social Media

Sometimes businesses prefer to keep their social media activity in house.  If you plan to make social media a long term strategy then it is in your interest to have staff trained in current social media developements.

Our training course intends to get our clients to a stage where they can develop their own social media strategies, create ideas to inspire customers and to be aware of the avenues available to promote content.

In such a fast moving industry it?s difficult for companies to decide where to start.  If you choose iSupport Websites for your social media training then you will be getting advice from an agency who is constantly involved in the latest social media trends.  As a result your company will be up to date with the most recent information and best practice.  Being small and dynamic means we can stay on top of the latest developments, and we pass that expertise onto our clients.  Get in touch and find out exactly what we can do for you.


How copywriting can brand your business in SEO


SEO > Copywriting

A website is nothing without good content.

The information you provide and brand message you convey can make or break conversions and search engines will judge your relevance for keywords based on, amongst other things, their presence on your website.  This is where good SEO copywriting plays an important part.

Regularly adding new content to your site encourages Google to return on a regular basis to review and index that content, along with the rest of your site.  Regular content plays an important role in the SEO campaigns we implement and whilst we aim to outperform your competition for the most competitive keywords for your niche, fresh new content can target the hundreds and thousands of lesser searched for, longer tail keywords to start generating new traffic to your site as soon as possible.

iSupport Websites have experience developing a wide range of content for all sorts of specific niches, so we know how to craft excellent SEO content that will attract new visitors from natural search, and can engage them as customers once they arrive.

Contact us for more information on SEO copywriting by iSupport Websites.


What is local search optimisation?

SEO > Google Local Search Optimisation

Gone are the days of flicking through the Yellow Pages.  Nowadays, people use Google local search to find the services they want.  Type ?Pizza in Chester? into Google and you?ll get a list of  local results plotted on a map with phone numbers next to them.

Do this for any local search and you’ll find much the same.

If your site isn’t  listed in the local results section when searched through Google then you?re losing out on business.  As the relentless digital revolution marches forward, this trend will be vital to your sales so you need to be involved sooner rather than later.

iSupport Websites will aim to get your business listed up in Google’s Local Search results. Expect more enquiries when we?re done!

Contact us for more information on Google local search optimisation by iSupport Websites.