Effective training in digital marketing


Digital Marketing Training

At iSupport Websites we train our clients in the theory, best practices and different techniques that can be used to get your site noticed in the search engine results pages.  In the time we set aside for training we educate our clients in all of the techniques used for the purposes of SEO.

By the end of the training we aim for our clients to be confident in developing and implementing their own SEO strategy for their business and to maintain their campaign’s momentum over a sustained period of time.

Developing and maintaining your own SEO strategy gives your business total control over output and nurtures your ability to seamlessly integrate SEO knowledge into future projects.

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How to get your marketing content to go viral!

Social Media > Viral Marketing Content

The gold fairy dust of Social Media is viral marketing.

Any company that tells you ?we?ll make you a viral? isn?t really being upfront about their ability or intentions.  It?s like promising someone you?ll win a horse race ? you can be confident in your ability to deliver, but there?s no way you can guarantee anything.

What you can go on is previous work that?s been made, the quality of that work and the quality of the people you intend to work with.  A great viral campaign is just a great idea – a simple kick-yourself ?I should have made that? creation.  We work with our clients through brainstorming sessions with an aim to get the social masses behind a campaign that tactfully keeps a message at its forefront.

Get a viral right and you can add serious value to your business for a relatively small sum of money.  It?s the exciting way to market your business and with a medium to low risk, it produces a huge reward if things go well.


Improve your businesses social media networking solutions


Social Media > Social Network Submissions

Leaving your content to sit on your website, floating around aimlessly on the internet, doesn?t do your business any favours.

It?s got to be ‘out there’ and attracting clicks.  Getting your content noticed is half the battle.  There are dozens of places to get your content read by the social masses and at iSupport Websites we?ve got years of experience in utilising these services.

The trick is in framing content with a headline to grab attention, attract votes, shares and comments.  By being a part of these communities since their inception, we?re well versed in what gets the community on your side.  Writing headlines for social media is not easy ? get it wrong and you?ve wasted your one chance to get your content noticed.  Leave it to the experts at iSupport Websites.


SEO implementation; what needs changing on your website?


SEO > Implementation

If it’s convenient for you, iSupport Websites’s expert team of SEO consultants and developers can implement the changes we recommend on your site.

We’ve always considered this the most efficient method of implementing SEO as nothing gets lost in communicating the changes to your developer.  Where our SEO team identify something which can be changed to optimise your page, the change can be made immediately.

We’ve clocked up years of experience making changes to websites of every size and complexity.  Our team are well versed in implementing structural changes that take into consideration your website’s overall aesthetic, and we make a point of in making changes in a testing environment first so it can get your approval.  Where necessary we can draft in our team of designers to ensure that your site not only ranks well, but continues to look great without compromising it’s ease of use.

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What is social media marketing and how can it help?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a relatively new channel for marketing and can appear a little intimidating if you?re not sure how it works.  A clear social media strategy is needed from the start or you?ll quickly find yourself up to your neck in problems that could otherwise have been avoided.

Bespoke Social Media Campaigns

At iSupport Websites we thoroughly research our clients’ businesses until we know everything there is to know about your brand and what you offer.  We then seek out communities that are relevant to your business and develop a social media marketing strategy to get connected and involved with them.  Ultimately our aim is to make your business more profitable and we do that by improving the reputation and visibility of your brand.  This may involve:

Niche Communities

Niche communities are springing up that are held together by a common idea and interest.  Your business has to be aware of these communities; how they work, what motivates them and crucially you must know how to be involved.  It?s in this space that you can offer superb customer service and develop a valuable reputation as an organisation that?s easy to contact and interact with.

Great Ideas

The most important aspect of social media marketing is great ideas that capture the imagination of your target audience and get the public involved.  With our roots in the creative industry, the iSupport Websites team have a solid process for generating ideas that grab attentionContact us today and find out what we can do for you.


Google Product Search Optimisation

SEO > Google Product Search Optimisation

Google Product Search allows users searching for specific products to compare your price against the competition.  If you’re not included, you may never be found.

If you sell specific products on your website, we’ll ensure they’re available in Google product search, along with relevant images, details and prices.


What is an SEO site audit?


SEO > Site Audit

SEO Site Audits by iSupport Websites consider the overall structure and content of your website and identify where improvements need to be made.

We know how search engines like their information structured, so we will ensure the content on your site is structured appropriately so that it is easy and intuitive for both visitors and search engines to find your content.  We’ll also check for common SEO issues, including:

  • Duplicate content
  • Domain redirects
  • Duplicate domain problems
  • Indexing problems
  • Bad categorisation and page headers
  • Incorrect Title and META information
  • Keyword density
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • URL structure
  • Your XML sitemap

Our SEO team are multi-talented online marketers so we don’t impose boundaries on the way they work.  Whilst auditing your site we’re not only looking for ways to improve your on site SEO, we’re looking for any opportunity to increase your return on investment.

Don?t be surprised if we suggest improvements to be made that aren’t strictly SEO related; user behaviour, conversions, website usability, promotion suggestions, email marketing and paid advertising are other factors which lend themselves to a successful website.  If we see something that could affect your website?s productivity, we will raise it with you and if required we’ll work with you to implement new ideas or find solutions to existing problems.

We’re experienced, innovative and always looking for new ways to help your website make more money for you.


Managing your twitter is made easy with iSupport Websites


Social Media > Twitter Management

No matter what you use Twitter for – a casual communication channel or a serious tool through which to connect with customers – it?s important you stay on top of it.

Land yourself more than 100 followers and it can start to get difficult to manage your presence.  Twitter is about remaining in contact with your own community and if you?re not interacting with your followers, you really aren?t involved in Twitter at all.

You can?t just set up your Twitter account and then kick your feet up, there has to be a strategy in place or you won’t be getting the most out of it.  At iSupport Websites we have staff members allocated to manage Twitter accounts so their visibility and accessibility remains at a constant high.  We?ll kick-start and manage your Twitter campaign to ensure maximum impact, so get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


How can email marketing help your website?


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of directly contacting existing and potential customers. Compared to many other methods of marketing, it?s a low cost way of staying in touch with existing customers and an effective way of increasing repeat purchases.  It is also a good way to reach potential new customers.

At iSupport Websites we can manage your email marketing by designing and implementing a well-delivered and creative campaign. We also have our own distribution software that can track actions relating to the emails sent out, including:

  • How many people have opened the email
  • Click through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Auto responses

Using the data our system provides we can tweak the campaign so it continually produces better results. Email marketing messages have to be well-considered; a loyal customer base can be alienated very quickly if the marketing messages are too heavy or too frequent.  At iSupport Websites we know the happy medium between selling your products and keeping your customers on board. With an attractive campaign that doesn?t claim too much inbox space, email marketing is an extremely productive marketing channel, so contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Blogging for your business


Social Media > Business Blogging

It’s easy to run a blog but it’s not so easy to run a business blog that will attract people to your site again and again.

We’ve spent years working in online content production and we know what works and what doesn’t.  We’ve also got crucial experience in promoting online content to attract visitors and links.

We often work with our clients to produce content for their business blog and talk through what we’ve produced, how we did it, where we promoted it and how to repeat that process.  Our clients can use the content we’ve produced as a guide for their own in-house content production as their business grows.

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