Data cabling engineerTelecom’s are the lifeboat of any company. If a system in the business isn’t working, your phones aren’t ringing in your new office, and then you can’t operate.

Getting this aspect of your move wrong with various delays etc, can have operational and financial consequences for your business. See more information.

Experience shows that:

  • you can never start the process early enough
  • the lead times are longer than what is imagined.

Moving IT and Telecommunication equipment can be the most complex and challenging part of any office move. So much of your business relies on the connectivity of your computers, phones and servers that you simply cannot afford to neglect this aspect of your office relocation.

Hiring the experts to get your office set up correctly

A professional team will help prepare your business for a smooth transition of your communications infrastructure and ensure you are re-connected in your new office as quickly as possible.

The earlier you start planning your office relocation, the greater chance you have in making sure business is not disrupted during the move. Find out more information about office data cabling and how it can benefit your business.

Remember that moving your IT equipment and business phone systems requires technical know-how and expert advice from industry specialists. Engaging with one a consultant will ease the stress of your office move and ensure that day-to-day business operations are not affected. Call 0333 900 0101 for a consultation.

Whether moving offices in the same building or undertaking a full-scale relocation, the best companies should apply the same high levels of professionalism and care. Contact us for more information.