SEO training – what you need to know!


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Although SEO is often implied to be a ‘dark art’, it’s really just a matter of understanding the way the search engines work and how they rank the sites in their index.

The search engine optimisation consultants at iSupport Websites have developed their understanding through years of development, research and direct experience.We understand, then, just how much time is needed to read, learn and test different SEO techniques.

If you’re interested in optimising your own site, or delegating the SEO work to your staff, individual SEO training sessions by iSupport Websites could help you to skip your own lengthy research process.

We will put together tailored SEO training sessions focussing on your site and what you can do to help it rank better. If you need help with link building, we’ll share some methodology and how it can be applied to your site. If you’re unsure which keywords to target, we’ll sit and go through the possibilities with you. Perhaps you’ve decided on your keywords, you’ve got the content, but your site just isn’t being indexed? We’ll go through your site with you and find out why, and what can be done to fix it.

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