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People are consuming media at a faster pace then ever before and are increasingly getting their news fix from online articles rather than newspapers and more traditional outlets. iSupport Websites are here to help you generate publicity through online PR with a focus on social networking and online community.

It?s hard to know where best to send your press releases as it can be difficult to determine where they are going to have the most impact, especially when you are targeting a niche group of people.  At iSupport Websites we will take a closer look at what information your company is placing online and we will advise you on the places it is going to have the most impact whilst been seen by your chosen demographic.

iSupport Websites will monitor what is being said about your brand and your industry online and will be on-hand to guide you on the best course of action to respond to the information we receive.  Reputation management is key when looking at online PR if the comments about your brand are negative we can give a very quick response to avoid it getting out of control.  We understand the importance of word-of-mouth conversation and we will be happy to work out the best strategy to get people talking positively about your company.

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