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During the Keyword & Competitor Research stage of your SEO campaign, iSupport Websites will thoroughly research your website to see how it currently stands.  You will receive a one-on-one consultation with a member of our team so we can learn as much about your target markets as possible.

We then conduct a full keyword and competitor analysis of your website and business, finding out where you can improve your rankings and where you can compete more.

To give a good return on investment it’s crucial that we understand how your business operates and how your competitors work; only then can we move forward with developing an appropriate strategy.

During this process we may find that you are not ranking well for phrases relevant to your business.  Our job is to get your business visible in those keywords as soon as possible.  When deciding on the most appropriate terms and the targets we’ll put in place we consider relevancy, current positions, competition and keyword search volume.

At iSupport Websites we aim for keywords that provide high numbers of targeted traffic and ultimately result in good conversion rates.  We’re also adept in the long tail approach to search marketing because generally speaking, people searching for specific terms are more likely to convert into sales.  With a focus on both generic and specific key terms and with a balance that ensures maximum impact, we deliver our clients a fantastic return on investment.

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